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Domain Backorder

If you are looking to acquire a domain that is already in use or hasn't been renewed in time, you are in luck. Domain Recover provides a domain backorder service that will monitor and attempt to catch the domain name once it is dropped. The monitoring is free and you are not expected to pay towards it. You only pay once it has been successfully recovered. Many websites providing domain backorders might be monitoring the same domain and for this reason it isn't fair if you are made to pay for something you won't receive.

Domain backorders are given on a first-come-first-served basis and we will never auction off the domain afterwards. This means that you can be confident that if we manage to catch the domain, you will be able to acquire it. This allows there to be a set fee without having to worry about auctions rocketing the price skyward.

How Does It Work?

In order to understand how a domain backorder works, we must look at what happens when a domain name is not renewed. The expiration process takes place in stages. If the owner of the domain name chooses not to renew the domain name then it enters the expired phase. This lasts forty days and renewal can happen as usual during this period. Then comes the redemption period that means that renewal will cost a higher price (the ccTLD .eu calls this quarantine period instead). The length of this period depends on where the domain is registered. It is then locked for five days before being deleted from ICANN. As soon as it is deleted Domain Recover can commence the domain backorder. Certain ccTLDs such as .nz and .se have deletion lists that allow you to know which domain names will be deleted soon. You can find these lists on the website.

New Zealand list - .nz domains which are due to be deleted within 48 hours
Sweden list - .se domains which are due to be deleted within 3 months

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